Cheat Engine5.3 coin hack


Cheat Engine5.3

1.)First open up cheat engine.

2.)Press on the flashing computer to selcet your target select Iexploxer if you are using internet explorer or cptrainer3easfit if you useing the trainer.

3.)Once selected play ballastic biscuit and finish the first level.

4.)Times your score by 8 (use a calculator if needed).

5.)Then play the second level normally and times that score my 8 (your new score) then press next scan once you entered it in cheatengine.

6.)One result should be rfound double click it and it will go in the box bellow then type in the new value (by clicking it) to 100000 thats one hundred thousand.

7.)Play level 3 and loose all your lives and  you should go away with about 1250.

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  1. 1

    ice drills said,

    cool but i dont wanna get banned

  2. 2

    munchy243 said,

    Hehe You wont 100% safe for now! ive been using
    I promise you perfectley safe it works right now

  3. 3

    munchy243 said,

    Hey ice drills wanna join my army

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